Bar Mitzvá: Simon McKee

El próximo lunes, el joven Simon McKee, hijo de Daniel y Mónica, será llamado por primera vez a la Torá asumiendo de esta forma su condición de adulto en el seno del pueblo judío.

Compartimos unas reflexiones de Simon sobre su parashá:

Whilst Moses was at Mount Sinai for so long collecting the commandments. Aaron gathered everyone and asked them to retrieve all of their gold. They put it all in a mold and he made a golden calf which they prayed to. God saw this and asked Moses to rush down the mountain and stop them…

Now how does this all relate to me, you may ask? Well like a normal child, I make many mistakes unknowingly or with good intentions or sometimes out of desperation or anger. But what we learn from this portion of the Torah is that even when you make a terrible mistake you can right your wrongs. God could have easily destroyed the Jewish population for blatantly disobeying his laws but he didn’t. Everyone makes mistakes and trust me I have had my fair share of them. With all of my quarrels with my brother, I try to learn from every single one. Because I don’t like fighting, I would like to be peaceful but it is hard. Either way, the best way to start is to see what you could do better next time. 

¡Mazal Tov para Simon y para toda su familia!